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It takes a lot of dedicated people to help make square dancing and round dancing grow in popularity and be fun and safe for all


This section discusses what the purpose is of the Tennessee State Association of Square and Round Dance Clubs, Inc. and how we're organized to do it. Over here on the right are some links to a little of our history.


Straight from the Constitution and Bylaws of the association, here is our purpose. Read it and you'll see that we've got a pretty big agenda!

The purpose of the association is to promote square and round dancing through the following:

So you can see, we've got a pretty big task. To do this, this is how we operate.


Clubs and associations, not individuals, hold membership in TSASRDC. Only non-profit organizations are eligible for membership. The membership year begins July 1. Dues are $5.00 per club and $15.00 per association. New clubs and associations may petition for membership at any time during the year. Currently, there are seven area associations and over 60 clubs who are members of TSASRDC.


The state is divided into seven geographic areas of varying size. Although the majority of area boundaries correlate closely to the area of many of the local associations, the correlation is a coincidence. The area boundaries have changed only a few times over the years.


The regular board meeting schedule calls for three meetings per year--February, June and October. Occasionally, the board will hold a called meeting during the State Convention in August. All meetings are open to any one who wishes to attend. The February meeting is always held in Area II, but the June and October meetings rotate throughout the state. Information about the next board meeting can be found on our meeting page.

Only the representatives have voting rights ensuring that the direction of the association is guided by the member clubs. Elected officers and committee chairmen may make and second motions as well as participate in discussion. Visitors may not make or second motions, but are welcome to participate in discussion.