New Dancer
Club Corner
Dancing at other clubs is the best way to make new friends and to have even more fun square dancing!

On the Road Again

The TSASRDC would like to encourage all dancers to be "on the road again" visiting square and round dance clubs throughout the state.

Where Can I Dance Tonight ?

There's a couple ways to find a dance nearby. You can click on the Find-A-Dance button in the menu on the left and it'll take you to a map and a calendar. Just select the date you are looking for a dance and the map will show all the clubs scheduled to have dances on that day.

Another way to find a dance is to click on the Clubs menu button. That will take you to a map that divides Tennessee up into seven areas. Click on the area and you'll see a listing of all of the clubs and contact people for that area.

Check out who's been doin' some traveling on our Traveler's Log page

Tennessee Traveler

Another way we encourage visitation is through the Tennessee Traveler program.  Anyone can participate in the Tennessee Traveler program and earn a Tennessee Traveler or Super Tennessee Traveler badge and/or dangle each year.  All you need to know and all you need to have is included on this Tennessee Traveler Card that you can download.  (The card is in PDF format.  You must have an Adobe Acrobat reader to read it.  If you don't have the free reader, click here to go to the Adobe site to download it.)

badges and danglesTennessee Traveler Badges and Dangles

To earn a Tennessee Traveler badge/dangle, earn 5 of possible
9 points by visiting clubs in different areas and/or the State
Convention within one year between June 1 through May 31. The State Convention counts as two points. To earn a Super
Tennessee Traveler Dangle, simply earn 7 of the possible 10

Have your card signed and dated by a Club President or other Club Officer in the Area visited. When you have earned the necessary points and the card is properly signed, present the completed card to your Club President. He or she will make arrangements for you to receive your badge/dangle at the state convention in August.

You may earn only one dangle per person per year. All dancers who have earned their Tennessee Traveler badge and/or Dangle, or Super Tennessee Traveler dangle are listed on the Traveler's Log page. All dancers who have earned 10 dangles will receive a 10 year bar. See the club pages of this website for a breakdown of areas within the State and a listing of the clubs in each area. _______________________________________

For additional information about the Tennessee Traveler, contact at